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Hellboy Profile Hoodie - Black - S - Schwarz
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This incredible shot captures Hellboy, aka Anung Un Rama in full demonic form, shifted to release his latent powers. Show him off in his full glory with this awesome design!Hellboy, the demonic face of defending the world from all things paranormal. This darker, heavier tone brings the darker side of Hell to the world - fighting monsters and demons is one thing, but how do you fight the apocalypse itself? Pushing against the path his destiny is determined to drag him down, what horrors will unfold at Hellboy's feet? The newest iteration of the Hellboy franchise hits our screens April 12. Be sure to pick up your Officially Licensed Hellboy merchandise!Hoodies are made from pre-shrunk 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester mix. If you prefer a baggy fit, please order a size up.

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